Marriage is an important part of people’s lives and can be a wonderful experience for couples to build a life and family together, but sometimes things can turn out differently from your expectations or dreams. When you face incompatibility with your partner and cannot find a way to continue to live together, then the last resort is divorce.

Divorce can be a difficult process for both parties. Two of the most important factors in a divorce are division of assets and custody of children. I can help to make the process as smooth as possible, while getting the best result for my clients.

Every divorce case is difficult. I pride myself on taking the time to listen to my clients; their issues, concerns and fears. I explain the legal situation and work hard to obtain my client’s objectives.

Divorce Mediation

I also offer mediation service for couples, if both parties agree on the terms of the divorce. This can help to speed up the divorce and save money for both parties. I can help to make agreements in the areas of child custody and distribution of property/assets.