Many foreigners who have lived for more than 8 years ask how and what the conditions are for them to become Indonesian citizens.

These foreigners liked Indonesia and decided that Indonesia would be their final destination.

So, what do you need to prepare to become an Indonesian citizen?

The following is some brief information on the stages of becoming an Indonesian citizen.

Small book :
A. The KLAMPID takon means Birth-Death-Move-Come. KLAMPID is an application used to find out the status of documents being submitted by the Applicant as well as information about population management

B. SIAK means population administration information system.

C. TTE means an electronic signature

D. Ekitir is proof of application when an applicant processes population documents, either at a population service location or online via KNG (Klampid New Generation)

E. Disdukcapil means the Population and Civil Registration service

1.) The applicant (a foreign citizen) applies to become an Indonesian citizen independently

2.) The applicant uploads the required documents in pdf form (one pdf) on the Takon KLAMPID application (Birth-Death-Transfer-Arrival status application)

3.) The applicant validates the application on the downloaded Takon KLAMPID application.

4.) The applicant receives and prints the evidence of an application called E-kitir as proof of processing services for foreign citizens to become Indonesian citizens.

5.) Then the Disdukcapil registration officer verifies the completeness of the application files in the Takon KLAMPID application.

6.) After that, the Disdukcapil registration officer (Population and Civil Registration Service) validates the application by recording it in the SIAK database (population administration information system)

7.) Disdukcapil registration officers (Population and Civil Registration services) submit electronic signatures for foreign citizens to become Indonesian citizens via the Takon KLAMPID application

8.) Then the Disdukcapil registration officer downloads the population document in the form of a marginal note on the birth certificate/marriage certificate/other certificate that has been electronically signed by SIAK

9.) In the following stage, the Disdukcapil registration officer will upload population documents in the form of marginal notes on birth certificates/marriage certificates/other certificates with electronic signatures to the Takon KLAMPID application.

10.) The next stage is that the applicant downloads and prints a population document with an electronic signature as a marginal note on a birth certificate/marriage certificate/other certificate via the Takon KLAMPID application using A4 paper.