The new regulation for riding license in Indonesia in January 2016 ( http://indonesiahotel.info/peraturan-baru-sim-c-tak-bisa-digunakan-untuk-semua-motor-mulai-bulan-depan/ )

For long time we only need License C for riding motorbike in Indonesia, But now the new regulation is there are three kind of riding license in Indonesia, and this regulation is starting this month, January 2016.

Usually with the license C, you can ride any motorbike, Example : Motorbike 250 CC, or 250 – 500 CC, or up to 500 CC. But now you can not use the License C for any kind of motorbikes, There is license C, and C1 and C2 now.

If you want to make a riding license, please check first what kind of motorbike do you have. Then you will know what kind of license do you need. Because you can not use the wrong license.

There is type of riding license in January 2016 :

License C is for motorbike 250 CC

License C1 is for motorbike 250 CC – 500 CC

License C2 is for motorbike up to 500 CC