Reviewing the return of 100 citizens of Indonesia who joined ISIS ( Islamic state of Iraq and Syria ), Mr. Sutiyoso also asked the public not to panic with people returning from the ISIS training. State intelligence agency ( Mr. Sutiyoso ) said that they are still monitoring the activities of the people who returned from the ISIS training.
( http://www.suarakarya.id/2015/11/25/waspada-100-wni-pulang-dari-suriah.html )

This morning explosions and gunfire around Sarinah, Jakarta has killed several people. As a result of the incident this morning, people are now afraid and this could also affect investors in Indonesia.
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Division chief of police ( Mr. Anton Charliyan ) declared the ISIS provide a warning before December 2015.
” There will be a concert ” was the warning given by ISIS before December 2015. Although the police had received a warning from ISIS before December 2015, The police is still not sure who the leader of this bombing.
( http://news.liputan6.com/read/2411824/sebelum-teror-sarinah-polisi-dapat-ancaman-konser-dari-isis )

The question is who the leader of this bombing ? is it true that people who returned november 2015 from ISIS training involved in the bombing in Jakarta this morning ? is it true that the warnings given by ISIS before December 2015 is the bomb incident that occurred in Jakarta this morning?